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About 14-16 Filipinos get infected by HIV every day in 2014 – compared to one to two individuals per day back in 2008.Through World Vision’s Channels of Hope (COH) program, local partners in Baseco join the journey to fully understand the reality and risks of HIV and AIDS.Remember kids, it's all gonna be ok ps: i offer different talking types pps: i love cats ppps: i love y'all Hello! Let's be each other's confidants and pour our hearts out. اگر چراغ پروفایلم سبز نبود هم پیام بده، یه کاریش میکنیم I'd really love to chat with people from my own country, Iran. Hit me a message even if my status light isn't green and we'll work something out.

With its central location, the serviced residence is located just a stone’s throw away from the Makati district - the capital’s financial, cultural, retail and entertainment hub.Along the coast of Manila Bay is the densely populated urban community named Village 649, also known as Baseco, where over 55,000 people reside.The stacked houses in Baseco are mostly made of scrap woods and bamboo.Albert Jaap Santbrink, executive director and activist from Terre des Hommes (featured in video above), said he had major concerns over what he called “webcam child sex tourism”, saying many of the children involved were as young as six years old.“In only 10 minutes we traced one thousand men from all over the world who were willing to pay Sweetie to perform sexual acts in front of the webcam,” he told the press conference at the Hague.Lesser known to the public is the young city's historical past.