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"These days, though many young guys work for big-risk, big-reward hedge funds, more and more are successfully combining their creativity with their technological savvy," says Haitao Li, Ph D, professor of finance at the University of Michigan. They Feel Entitled to Arm Candy…Yeah, it may sound shallow, but according to Donna Spangler, author of How to Get a Rich Man, cashed-up guys think they deserve to be with trophy women, or women they deem prizeworthy.
And then, with nothing more than the copy of Microsoft Powerpoint already sitting there in your computer, turn it into the whackiest word-image ever. ;) Post a picture on her wall which says, “The 10 day inbox her your most romantic e-card.

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When people think about Britain of today, very few imagine puritan Victorian Britain where any discussion of sex and sexuality were strictly prohibited and considered immoral.

Since then, Britain has seen the crazy sixties with their new ideas of ‘free love’ and ‘sexual revolution’.

The cover picture for the post was from Kylie and Tyga's very explicit November shoot which marked the rapper's birthday, with her straddling him topless, while his face is pressed against her breasts and his hand shoved down the back of her jeans.

According to the United Nations, the dramatic situation with teenage pregnancies in the UK is largely due to the lack of sex education.

Like any parent, she juggles the role while trying to make a life for herself and her child.

She is completing high school in Hobart and advocating for better support for young mums through the Brave Foundation — a not-for-profit that equips expecting and parenting teens with resources and education opportunities."It's really hard, it almost feels like you're only doing everything half-heartedly," are words not unique to this 17-year-old mum.

Below is some information about how the different brands of EC are sold.

If you want to use If you are getting EC from a clinic, be sure to ask if the medical care you receive will be confidential and, if not, you may want to contact someone else to get emergency contraception (click here to find an emergency contraception provider near you).