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The first thing is to include a very pleasing, natural photo.
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His arrangement seems painterly rather than predictable (the ladder is a nice touch).

An 1860 map of Mount Desert Island, part of Martha Stewart's map collection in her Seal Harbor home, is on display at the Ethel H.

"She's enthusiastic, but she's not credible." When Preserve launched in July, Martha joked to the Huffington Post, "Let her try [to be the next Martha Stewart]... "That girl is not good enough." Perhaps Martha feels qualified to judge based on her own five-month prison stint, but this trash-talking is all feeling a little bit unneccesary.

Martha Stewart has perhaps voiced the view of so many; that Gwyneth Paltrow should talk less.

Broken Arrow Nursery is clearly everyones first go-to booth, for rare trees and shrubs ( thier Davidia involucrata in full bloom kept iphones and cameras out. We've chatted on line, and we even tried to meet up a few times but things just got in the way. I was delighted to be introduced to these beautiful copper plate illustrations by botanical illustrator Bobbi Angell, who just finished illustrating the latest ( and, sadly, last) book by Joe Eck and the late Wayne Winterrowd entitled TO EAT - A COUNTRY LIFE, which will be published on June 11, 2013.

Of course this is his territory - his studio is nearby. I could have spent a gillion lottery ticket won't be available until tonight, when I will the big one....I still left with a huge Guy Wolff Rhubard forcer! Bobbi's illustrations are remarkable, not just because of her style and talent, but becauseshe too is a gardener, if not a horticulturist so there are illustrations of horticulturally interesting plants.

We came around a corner, where the hallway/ entrance to the studio was lined with fabulous displays from Martha Stewart Weddings… She smiled at me & I tried to keep it cool 😉 I introduced myself & shook her hand, & fought the urge to start gushing about how she my idol & how much I loved her 😉 Instead I asked if I could get a picture with her.Blum Gallery at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor through July 23.An 1885 map of Mount Desert Island railroads, part of Martha Stewart's map collection in her Seal Harbor home, is on display at the Ethel H.We were among the first few to arrive & among the first groups to be lead up to the event.We were lead through Martha’s amazing offices & saw were some of the creative “magic” happens 😉 Their offices were everything you would expect them to be – a totally creative, beautiful environment & a place you would absolutely just die to work at. Immediately, there was a little commotion & camera flashes going off left & right, which I knew could only mean one thing… I instantly went into Martha-stalking mode 😉 & followed closely behind snapping tons of photos.It was originally suppose to be held on their roof deck, but was moved indoors to one of the studios due to the weather.