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READ MORE Pitbull went public with the contract he signed with Florida -- revealing the state paid him a ton of money to be its ambassador -- but he only did it after a politician pushed him into a corner.…READ MORE Kylie Jenner's Sweet 16 looks like a Chuck E.Recorded by Nayer at the age of 16, produced and remixed by DJ Fluid in both English and Spanish, "First Kiss (Primer Beso)" is a dance song, and climbed dance music charts soon after its release in June 2002 hitting the Billboard Top 40 Dance Charts.However, due to business reasons, Nayer’s debut album was never released.A pleasure-seeking sophisticate with his own music to promote, Iglesias didn’t mention Trump or “Despacito” during Saturday’s concert, part of an extensive tour with the Miami rapper Pitbull.But the show still felt charged with the electricity of our time.Iglesias, dressed in his trademark designer-paramilitary garb, opened with “Súbeme la Radio,” one of several excellent Spanish-language singles he’s released since his last studio album, 2014’s “Sex and Love.” And throughout the night he repeatedly jumped from the stage to grip the hands of fans who clearly view him as a thought leader.Face-to-face interaction is nothing new for Iglesias.

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READ MORE Taylor Swift ballyhooed her star power Tuesday night by calling up onstage most of the iconic stars in Miami.

so he's suing to stop a booze company from slapping his name on their product.

The response was robust but not quite unanimous — an indication that some in the audience might not understand what he was about to say.

Nayer has appeared in numerous ads, commercials, soap operas, carnivals, foundations, charity events and TV programs.

She has participated in a major talent competition named "Star Search" and she has also appeared in television show Sábado Gigante, and in a show called La piñata loca (broadcast through Univision).