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On February 1996 the Hotline took its very first call.

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Many bloggers tell me they can't stick to their posting schedule.If that's your problem then cut the number of post you write but remember, if you update your blog less than weekly, it will be hard to build up a good body of work and keep up momentum.Select the thank you note example that most resonates with you.Keep in mind that each of our thank you note samples can be easily customized to better fit your needs. Here are a variety of quotes you can use to say thank you and share your appreciation in a handwritten thank you card, a letter, or an email message. In the short time you have been here, you have really helped to make things run smoothly.

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Do you remember the wonderful feeling you had the last time you received a thank you note? Right now, at this very moment, you are just a few lines away from writing a great thank you note and promptly reciprocating a kind gesture!

Although you may have already given a verbal thank you for the gift or gesture, it’s highly appropriate and just plain good manners to follow that up with a special handwritten thank you message on a card or beautiful stationery.

Whenever a thoughtful person in either your business or personal life has gone out of their way for you, that’s your cue to take a moment to express your sincere thanks.

Last update November 14th 2014 Are you confused about how often to update your blog? Creating new blog updates and blog post scheduling seems to worry new bloggers more than anything else.

It's something I've experimented with a lot, and you'll probably need to experiment with it too, because we're all different with varying time constraints and writing abilities.