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Updating my pm and pdm programs

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This is critical to CMMS success.1) Maintenance: Technicians must see the CMMS as a tool that will help them do a better job, be more efficient and improve work processes.It can't be viewed as a system management is using to "watch them" or give the perception that someone always is peering over their shoulder.To achieve the financial success of any project, the key cost drivers addressed by the project have to be understood.Our strength is derived from the intellectual capacity of our employees and the setting we provide by teaming with our clients to achieve success.It is planned maintenance of a plant and its equipment that is designed to improve equipment life and avoid any unplanned maintenance activity.PM includes painting, lubrication, cleaning, adjusting, and minor component replacement to extend the life of equipment and facilities.

It is the key to reliability and integrity for a company.Because technicians will use the CMMS daily, they will grow to depend on it.Early acceptance is important and buy-in during the initial evaluations is critical.Some are successful; however, most will admit they did not realize the expected benefits.While there are many approaches to successfully implementing a reliability program, I will discuss a proven model for improving a company’s Reliability-Based Maintenance program through maintenance task optimization focused on failure elimination.Preventive maintenance must be coordinated with production and unplanned maintenance must be performed quickly so as not to impact production.