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On top of that are balancing tweaks to bring back the idea of fair play, plus a host of improvements including those seven new map pack-related Achievements we told you about earlier.

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Welcome to “our last of the real islands” Torba Province.Torba Province located at the northern part of Vanuatu; consist of 13 islands with a land mass of 882km² and a total population of over 9,359 people.A significant proportion of imports also come from China.The majority of the national income is derived from import duties.Underwater visibility at its peak hits fifty metres, revealing limitless schools of colourful fish darting around spectacular coral reefs, as well as a formidable array of submerged WWII wreckages.Above sea level, the scenery only gets more amazing.Due to declining external demand, exports contracted in 2009 and GDP growth slowed, to 3.5%.

Espiritu Santo was the first island in Vanuatu to be discovered by Europeans, back in 1606 when Portuguese explorer Pedro Fernández de Quirós, saw what he thought to be a southern continent.It was not until 1768 that Europeans returned when Louis Antoine de Bougainville rediscovered the islands.It was in 1774 that Captain Cook named the islands the New Hebrides, a name that lasted until independence in 1980 at which time it became the Republic of Vanuatu.For a few months in 1889, the settlement of Port Vila was an independent republic known as Franceville.It was the first self-governing nation to practice universal suffrage without distinction of sex or race, although only whites were permitted to hold office.Over half of Vanuatu’s exports go to Thailand, and a quarter to Japan.